Our fundamental aim is to help bring private pilots and cost-sharing passengers  i.e. friends, relavtives, colleagues, acquaintances together.

We do this by helping pilots connect with people showing an interest in private flying.  They connect socially and then decide amongst themselves whether they want to fly together and share the costs or not.

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Private flying is exactly that, the flying must not be considered public transport or commercial air transport.  

By sharing the cost of private flying; it makes it more affordable to go flying for the entire flying group.  This opens up new opportunities for short sightseeing trips, away days and weekend adventures alike. 

This helps to boost the General Aviation market, improves flying skills and helps participants get more out of private flying.


Pilots and would be passengers will most likely want to meet before they go flying together, irrespective of whether it is just for 20mins or a weekend away.  It will be obvious if either you or the pilot does not wish to fly together.  

Only persons that adhere to the terms & conditions of cost sharing may fly.  

Refer to the FAQ section for a wealth of Q&A content.


The UK has over 200 airfields that receive regular traffic.  However, the options are far greater than that when you consider that some light aircraft can fly over 1,000 miles without needing a fuel stop.  

This means that European and overseas travel is a real prospect for those wishing to explore beyond the UK.  

However, the UK has lots of beautiful scenery and destinations to visit.


If you intend to fly overseas, then each person will need a serviceable life jacket which must be worn when flying over the sea.

The aircraft should also have a life raft and ideally at least one person on board should have attended a sea survival and ditching course.  

Safety and risk can be greatly improved by adequate pre-flight planning across the group preparing to fly.


We simply connect pilots with would be passengers.  Any private flying is organised between the parties without involving Flying-Spirits.  

From time-to-time, we may notify our visitors of general flying intent as a way of keeping connections fluid.  However, we do not market or advertise flights and we do not sell or promote specific flights or flying experiences.


The UK CAA provides information on sharing the costs of private flights between persons and that this is permissible in the UK for aircraft with up to 6 seats.  From September 2016, this also applies to EASA registered aircraft throughout the EU, which opens up many private flying opportunities.  

We have prepared a leaflet explaining the basic rules that must be adhered to, to ensure flight sharing remains legal.